Production plant

Production <span>plant</span>

Production plant

Production Korurs Sp. z o. o. takes place in two production departments:

  • Pretreatment Department
  • Finishing Department

In Pretreatment Department all basic technological processes of "soft" processing and induction hardening take place. The Department includes also the material warehouse, from which materials for production are taken. Raw materials are processed mechanically, as a result of which are made ready products and semi-finished products used for the production of final goods.

The parts are manufactured on the basis of company's own production potential including:
  • turning in numerical and universal lathes,
  • milling,
  • chiseling,
  • shaving and grinding of gear wheels,
  • numerical and conventional drilling and milling,
  • hole pull broaching,
  • induction hardening,
  • dynamic balancing

The remaining part of "hard' mechanical processing takes place in Finishing Department.

In this department finishing processes, assembly fitting, maintenance and packing of goods are carried out. Then all finished products are moved to the commercial warehouse.