Company's own production

Company's <span>own production</span>

Company's own production

The main subject of activity of Korurs Sp. z o. o. is the production of spare parts for tractors and agricultural machines under Korurs trademark, that are high-quality replacement parts for OEM parts.

The company's production potential includes cylindrical gear wheels of straight or helical teeth, shaved or ground, cylindrical wheels with internal teeth, cylindrical wheels with straight teeth, chain wheels, cast iron and cast steel body parts, pulleys, etc.

The company specializes in the production of bevel gears and cylindrical gears

For power units, differential gears, half-axles, wheel shafts for front and rear axles, connecting rods, cylinder heads, fly-wheel rims, timing gear wheels and engine water pumps, differential mechanisms, engine and PTO clutches, synchronizing clutches, torque multipliers, reduction gears, brake system components including brake drums, lifting arms, transmission shaft forks, many components for harvesters and agricultural machines. The whole production is carried out based on the technical documentation prepared and developed by our own constructional and technological office.