Commercial offer

Commercial <span>offer</span>

Commercial offer

Korurs Sp. z o.o. is a wholesaler and distributor of spare parts for tractors and agricultural machines. Our commercial offer consist of spare parts including tyres and wheel rims for tractors Ursus C-330, C-360, C-385 and related, MF, Zetor, LKT and combine harvesters Bizon, rotational mowers, soil millers, manure spreaders and transmission shafts.

Our commercial offer of spare parts for farm tractors and machines includes, apart from our own production, a wide range of goods purchased in Poland and from import. Korurs Sp. z o.o. cooperates with many Polish production enterprises, as well as with other commercial companies.


Parts from company's own production

  • bevel gears and cylindrical gears for power units
  • half-axles, wheel shafts for front and rear axles
  • gear wheels and gearbox shafts
  • timing gears
  • engine connecting rods and cylinder heads
  • fly-wheels and fly-wheel rims
  • water pumps for engines
  • absorbers of torsional vibrations and balancing shafts
  • differential mechanisms
  • engine clutches and their parts
  • PTO clutches and their parts
  • synchronizing clutches and their parts
  • torque multipliers and their parts
  • hub with reduction gears for front and rear axles
  • brake system components including brake drums
  • lifting arms of power hydraulics
  • chain wheels
  • transmission shaft forks
  • power unit components for harvesters and agricultural machines
  • others

Parts from domestic manufacturers

  • crankcases, gearbox and transmission housings
  • oil pumps
  • hydraulic pumps
  • ball and sockets joints and extruded bearing
  • exhaust silencers
  • clutch plates, brake disks and brake lining
  • kit sets
  • fuel equipment
  • fuel, hydraulic and pneumatic pipes for tractors
  • compressors, turbochargers and spare parts
  • body components
  • air filters
  • electrotechnics components
  • headlights
  • mirrors
  • speedometer and steering drive cables
  • thermostats
  • pneumatics elements
  • parts for hydraulic lifts
  • fuel and oil filters and inserts
  • various parts for engines, gear boxes and rear axles
  • and others

Parts from foreign manufacturers

  • various specialised parts from permanent import for tractors Zetor URI and URII (Zetor and the Heavy)
  • starters, alternators and their spare parts
  • lip seals (simmerings), o-rings and water pump seals
  • brake pumps and cylinders
  • cylinder liners (raw and honed) and kit sets
  • gas springs and pneumatic connections
  • hour meters, oil pressure and coolant temperature indicators and sensors
  • crankshafts
  • piston rings
  • reinforced radiator hoses and other rubber parts
  • subassemblies and parts of fuel system including fuel injection pumps
  • engine valves and valve guides
  • camshafts
  • oil coolers, water radiators and radiators plugs
  • linkage parts
  • front seats
  • and others

Agricultural tyres, industrial tyres, tubes, wheel rims

  • radial tyres
  • diagonal tyres
  • industrial tyres
  • tubes and protectors
  • wheel rims